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Poul Erik Sørensen Rødegårdsvej 44st 5000 Odense C


Frederiksholms Kanal 16


Relating to: dismissal of senior prosecutor at Funen Police.


I am writing to you, in your capacity as the authority that employs the prosecutors at the Police Districts in Denmark, 
and will hereby ask you to ensure that senior prosecutor at the Funen Police Marina Moltke-Leth is dismissed, as she either :
1.  Protects the heroin trade in Odense from prosecution. 

2.  Is illiterate and can not read a BBR message.
I have reported lawyer Jan Moosmand to Funen Police, to start renting out a room in my apartment 
and subsequently mediate burglary in this. In 2013, Jan Moosmand summoned my tenant of a room in my apartment 
and got her to sign a new lease. This after I had rented out the room in my apartment for 14 years.

His rental of the room took place on the basis of his establishment of heroin trading from the room back in 1989/90.

Senior prosecutor Marina Moltke-Leth has rejected my review, on the grounds that she does not believe that my apartment is 74m2.
Even the lawyer Jan Moosmand acknowledged that my apartment on Rødegårdsvej 44st is 74m2, 
in connection with an attempt to sell the entire property in 2011.
To this date, the lawyer has rented out the room to a person, who is not registered in the population register, 
which senior prosecutor Marina Moltke-Leth supports.



Yours sincerely

Poul Erik Sørensen

Cand. Merc.